Spa Attitude


Here at Spa Bolton, we value everyone’s relaxation. Therefore, every customer must ensure their actions are respectful of everyone’s well being.

When you’re choosing Spa Bolton, you’re also committing to respecting the code Attitude Spa.



Attitude Spa


  • Drugs or Alcohol use is not recommended when enjoying the spas. We will ask anyone under the influence to leave the premises for everyone’s safety.


  • The access to our installations might not be fit for pregnant women, people suffering from angina, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems or respiratory problems (not exclusively). It is recommended to consult with your doctor in case of any doubt prior to your visit.


  • All behavior that we may judge inappropriate will result in the expulsion of the site, without any compensation or refund.


  • Bathrobes, towels and locks are Spa Bolton’s property. Failure to return them may cause fees.


  • Please ensure silence on site.


  • Please make sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to any treatment you may have and take a shower before and after your treatment.


  • Children under 16 years of age that visit with you are your responsibility.


  • We ask that you let any solar cream penetrate your skin before entering the baths, in order to keep the water’s quality.


  • Glass containers or food are not permitted on site (except in the bistro or picnic area).


  • Bathing suits are mandatory at all time. Women or men are not permitted to wear any bottom that is smaller than a We adopt the same policy regardless of the gender of the person. The smallest size permitted for men is the Speedo, and for women it is the Cheeky.


  • We ask that you don’t reserve the chairs, beds, etc. while doing your thermotherapy circuit, in order to let other people enjoy them.


  • It is strictly forbidden to jump in or run near the pools.


  • We recommend that you watch your step and be careful near any wet floor.


  • We recommend that you take off any jewelry or glasses before enjoying the saunas.


  • Access to the river is at your own risks and we may close it if the weather conditions are not favorable or cause any danger.


  • We allow cellphones, IPADS and cameras on site to read or take pictures. However, we may refuse utilisation to those who don’t respect the following conditions: No sound or vibration should be heard from these devices. Pictures taken should not interfere with other person’s relaxation, and most of all YOU MUST BE SURE NOT TO TAKE ANY OTHER CLIENT IN YOUR PHOTOS OR VIDEOS. If our staff has any doubt, or if anyone makes a complaint about your utilisation, you will be asked to keep these devices in your locker.

Obviously, to maximize your relaxation, we suggest that you keep these items in your lockers.