By stages

Once you have donned your bathing suit and sandals, it is time to head for the site and begin the first of five phases or steps of the health cycle:

  1. Sauna or Steam Bath
    For this phase, you have a choice between the eucalyptus steam bath or the dry saunas.  The objective is for the body to absorb a maximum amount of warmth. Be aware of your own limits, not to exceed them. The process usually takes 8 to 15 minutes, depending on the individual.
  2. Cold Bath
    Next, we move directly over to the cold bath! Spa Bolton offers access to the river next to the falls or, should you prefer, a cold water bath adjacent to the sauna and the eucalyptus vapour bath on the site.The cold bath step is important to lower body temperature. The thermal shock stimulates the entire body, accelerating cardiac rhythm, blood flow and adrenaline levels. Only a few seconds of immersion are required. In this way the epidermal pores will contract; the heat will not reach your head thus avoiding headaches and dizziness.
  3. Rest
    After the cold water session, the secreted adrenaline rapidly transforms itself into endorphins, and you will feel quite relaxed. You are now ready to lie down and rest in one of our comfortable yurts, or in a hammock in summertime. Your body temperature will stabilize and return to normal. You will then be ready to restart the warming-up process again. Allow about twenty minutes for an optimal rest period.
  4. Warm Spa (optional step) and pool
    Numerous underwater jets activate the effervescent warm waters in the spas. Water temperature oscillates between 38°and 40°celcius (100°F to 105°F). Immersing yourself in the warm spas allows you to relax and unwind, providing relief to your muscles, thanks to the well directed whirlpool jets. Done early in the cycle, this allows the organism to gently prepare itself for the next phase which is even warmer. Should you begin with a warm bath, a short soak lasting between 10 to 15 minutes is recommended. A longer interval in warm water would dehydrate your body and siphon the energy you will need for the next phases. After the warm spa, it is best to take a lukewarm shower or a dip in our pool; or simply spend some time outside to lightly refresh oneself.
  5. Start over from the beginning 
    After completing one cycle, we start another. One usually does this 3 or 4 times in order to achieve a sensation of wellness from the nordic process.In between two cycles, one can have a quick dip in a warm spa to relax even more. This would be considered as an optional step 4, or if done right at the beginning, step 0. In any case, it cannot replace step 1. It is crucial to drink a good quantity of water during this activity. It is even recommended to begin drinking one hour before the start of the session. Doing so will generate more perspiration when the time comes.


  1. Breathe better
    The heat and water vapour moisturizes sinuses and pulmonary mucus membranes, clearing respiratory channels. You’ll feel as if you have new lungs!
  2. Eliminate toxins
    Warmth dilates blood vessels and increases cardiac rhythm. That which stimulates your blood flow facilitates the supply of nutrients to the cutaneous tissues and increases oxygen intake in the body. Together this contributes to eliminate toxins and lactic acid after a sporting activity.
  3. Reinforce your immune system
    Increasing body temperature contributes to the production of, and improves the activity of white blood cells, which destroy microbes and accelerate the fabrication of antibodies and other substances which are required in the defense of our organism. A great way to shore-up against winter colds.
  4. Relaxing
    The hot/cold contrast linked to the nordic baths activity loosens up muscle and relieves painful articulations. Tensions, inflammations and swelling… someone freed of these forms of stress is, in our opinion, a more relaxed individual.
  5. Live in the moment
    You are in good company, in an environment that you appreciate, freed from your daily hassles… you are living a moment of ecstasy. In this context, you are releasing endorphins, which provide a sensation of wellbeing and perhaps even euphoria!