Nordic baths




SPA or Salus Per Aquam means “Health through water”.

A session at Spa Bolton’s Nordic spas is highly beneficial for your physical and mental health. Besides offering ultimate relaxation, the Nordic baths relieve the body on many levels; bringing a healing sleep and help to maintain healthy skin. The thermotherapy session is an activity we can appreciate year long, regardless of the weather conditions; rise or shine. Particularly in winter, you’ll enjoy the magic scenery here at Spa Bolton.

Nordic Spa in the Eastern Townships, Québec.

Spa Bolton is well known to be the jewel of the Eastern Townships in Estrie (one hour from Montreal). It has taken root on one of the most beautiful natural sites in Quebec. A full thermal experience including Nordic baths and spas right at the foot of Missisquoi Falls. Thermal experience in nature: Swim in the polar bath or in the river – right at the foot of the falls, outdoor hot baths (spas), Finnish dry saunas, eucalyptus steam bath, heated outdoor pool, hammocks by the river and heated yurts for relaxation.



  JOKI Sauna and its grand thermal bath



JOKI Sauna and its grand thermal bath

Our newest development includes a brand new building – the JOKI Sauna – which means River in Finnish. Sitting on the rocky cap, it houses a 3rd dry sauna – a wood Finnish sauna.

JOKI Sauna

Our new wood-burning sauna offers a breathtaking view of the elevation of the Missisquoi shoreline. Add to this visual experience a natural background sound – the river. Here at Spa Bolton, no need for a CD soundtrack in the saunas. Nature takes care of it 100%. The sauna is heated between 75 and 95 ° C (175 to 185 ℉).

Recommended time : 8 to 12 minutes.

The grand thermal bath

It is aboard this 3rd grand thermal bath that we realize that the experience has propelled to another level with the concept of light therapy – created naturally. The light of the moon and the stars reflect through the sauna’s window on to the water – creating shapes, creating a story. The large thermal bath can accommodate up to 12 people seated, each section has a jet for the lower back and another one for the shoulder blades.

Recommended time: 10 to 12 minutes.






Dry saunas (indoor)

In the main building, you will find two dry saunas overlooking the falls. Practice regularly the sauna session is ideal to fight the stress and detoxing the body. Alternating the hot and cold awakens the body functions, particularly the blood circulation.

Recommended time: 8 to 15 minutes.

Eucalyptus steam bath

With a view on the falls. Bathing in this Del lighting eucalyptus steam bath is absolutely a place of predilection, perfect to unwind. It opens the respiratory system, activates the blood circulation, stimulates the epidermis and regains its elasticity. The significant humidity ambient guarantees a soothing atmosphere where relaxation is optimal.

Recommended time: 8 to 15 minutes.

Polar bath

Accessible 365 days a year. This station remains an ideal place for thermotherapy amateurs and beginners. The polar bath is maintained at a temperature between 52 ℉ and 54 ℉. There is an immediate benefit when you dive into it (right after your sauna session).

Recommended time: a few moments (a dip) or according to your capacity. 

Access to the river

Bath to the invigorating waters of the river, even in winter! True thermotherapy lovers enjoy the benefits from a quick dip (body toning, blood circulation improvements and many more…). Accessible 365 days a year (in favorable conditions).

Recommended time: to your discretion. We suggest a quick dip. 

Relaxation yurts

The third step in the thermotherapy process: The relaxation. Resting properly between cycles provides you an ultimate feeling of wellness. Two relaxation yurts are available. One is heated yearly, the other is tempered (also heated in cold days). Sleep under the cracking sound of the fireplace – improves your wellbeing and serenity.

Recommended time: to your discretion.

Outdoors Spas (thermal baths)

Relax with a view. Unique in Canada, our spas provide gentle yet effective body hydromassages; 130 water jets. Ideal for in-between cycles or right before your massage appointment; helps to relax your muscles.

Recommended time: about 10 minutes.

Heated outdoor pool

Available year round. Swim and relax in our heated outdoor pool (85 ℉). Press the button to start falls and get massaged under it.

Recommended time: to your discretion.


In summer, enjoy our large terrace; relax under the sun, listening to the symphony of endless waterfalls.

Relaxation hammocks (riverside)

Relax in one of our hammocks (for two). After a full cycle of thermotherapy (warm-cold-rest), take the time you need to relax, read and / or sleep.

Relax by the river

Chairs are at your disposal on the riverside. Relax under the sun and trees while listening to the symphony of endless waterfalls.

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