Our packages

All our packages include access to the spa at all times. Children 12 years and older are allowed from Sunday through Friday, children 16 and over are admitted on Saturday, accompanied by an adult .


Spa packages

Forfait Zen

Zen package

Massage & aesthetic treatments package

Includes a regular 60 minutes massage and access to baths. Valid at all times. Combine 1, 2 or 3 aesthetic treatments.

Massage + baths + 1 aesthetic treatment: $179
Massage + baths + 2 aesthetic treatments: $229
Massage + baths + 3 aesthetic treatments: $269

List of available treatments in the Zen package

Spa Facial / Body Exfoliation / Spa Pedicure / Spa Manicure

Offer as a Gift Certificate

Forfait beauté

Beauty package

Aesthetic treatments package only

Includes access to baths and a combination of 2, 3 or 4 aesthetic treatments. Valid at all times.

Baths + 1 aesthetic treatment: $95

Baths + 2 aesthetic treatments: $164
Baths + 3 aesthetic treatments: $224
Baths + 4 aesthetic treatments: $274

List of available treatments in the Beauty package

Spa Facial / Body Exfoliation / Spa Pedicure / Spa Manicure

Offer as a Gift Certificate

Bolton Package

Offered in Bolton Package traditional and Bolton Package Speciality. 

Including a towel, a Spa Access and a traditional or speciality massage of your choice.

Bolton package – Traditional from 103$ to 171$.

Traditional Massages included: Swedish, Californian, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lomi-Lomi, Amma.

Bolton Package Traditional

Bolton Package – Speciality from 137$ to 163$.

Speciality Massages included: Capillary, Kobido, Salt Balls, Hots Stones, Lymphatic Drainage.

Bolton Package Speciality

Forfait Villa du Spa

Villa du Spa – Lodging 

Starting at $90 per person

The Villa du Spa is located a few meters from the property. This four bedrooms country home is perfect for relaxing in couples, with friends or in groups.

Stay for the night of your choice and add ”À la carte” Spa Access, aesthetics cares and massages.



Offer as a Gift Certificate

Other packages

Forfaits Bains et Festin

Baths & Dine packages

Between $50 and $70 plus taxes per person (Spa and restaurant)

Our Bath & Dine packages combine daytime access to the Spa with a dinner at one of our affiliated restaurants. What better way to wrap up a leisurely day with a romantic dinner, or between good friends?


Star Café (50$) Buy now
Chez Papie (50$) Buy now 
Le Relais (70$) Buy now
Le Côte (70$) Buy now
Comme chez soi Sherbrooke (70$) Buy now



Cabaret Eastman

Spa and Spectacle Package with Eastman Cabaret

Located 10 minutes from Spa Bolton, in an old and completely renovated church, the Cabaret Eastman is an unpretentious venue, housed in a neat decor in a country environment. With this Spa and Spectacle package, it’s the best of both world at great rate !

Buy your Spa and Spectacle Package at the Cabaret only ; online via the Cabaret website, by phone or directly at the Cabaret ticket booth.


Via online purchases : With all online purchases of any show at the Cabaret, add to your cart the Spa Package before checking out. Spa Access will be sent to you ; according to the chosen shipping method. For information, please contact the Cabaret Eastman at 450-297-1200.


Spa and Spectacle Package