Massage therapy - About massages at Spa Bolton

All of our experienced massage therapists are certified. Here at Spa Bolton we offer Swedish, Californian, Hot Stone massages, Amma, Lomi-Lomi, Salt ball massage, Lymphatic Drainage massage, Kobido, Capillary, Reflexology, Prenatal massage, kids, and teens massage. If necessary, ask your therapist for an insurance receipt during your session.

What not to miss? Riverside massages in small individual yurts or under a tent in summer.

Have you tried a couple’s massage? Most of our offered massages can be taken in duo, in a double interior room or a double outdoor tent in summer. Ask yours when booking!

Combine a massage with the spa access – You can even add beauty cares with our great selection of packages! It’s time for you to experience an unforgettable stay in the Eastern Townships! Learn more about lodging packages at Spa Bolton.



Our massage spaces


Individual yurt: in summer or winter

Allow yourself to be carried off by the symphonic sounds of the endlesss waterfalls in one of our six massage yurts. This space is heated in the winter, even in very cold weather.


Tents next to the river: in solo or duo

Only in the summer, enjoy a massage in nature, under our tents bordering the river. For the ultimate relaxation, let yourself be lulled by the sound of the wind in the trees and the river runoff. Massages under a tent are offered every summer day from 10 am only.

massage duo

Indoor rooms: in solo or duo

Relax in one of our massage rooms with soothing music. With your partner or a friend, you can get a massage in one of our duo rooms.






Traditional massages

massage suedois


Among the most popular at Spa Bolton.


This scientific technique is the most versatile. On request when booking, you can choose between a gentle Swedish massage or a deep Swedish massage. It is given by section of the body, with the hands and the forearms only. Performed mainly on muscles, it promotes good blood circulation, acts on the nervous system and eliminates toxins. Relaxation and well-being assured!

Available in 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

Offered in a yurt, indoor room or outdoor tent in summer.


massage californien


Advised for the first initiation. Very relaxing and perfect to offer as a gift!  


This is the origin of relaxation itself! This global massage is very relaxing, enveloping and promotes good blood circulation. This technique uses long slow and fluid movements that allow a deep physical and psychic relaxation. Starting with soft and enveloping mouvements, the maneuvers are grounding and intensified to release tensions; the hidden emotions.

Available in 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

Offered in a yurt, indoor room or outdoor tent in summer.

massage reflexologie



Reflexology is a technique of massage that applies pressure on the reflex points found on the feet and/or the hands. The stimulation of the reflex points work towards restoring the vital balance of all the glands and all the organs of the body. It brings a deep relaxation. It stimulates blood circulation, promotes energy balance in all metabolisms and reduces/soothes the pain.

Available in 30 minutes massage (for feet only). Available in 60 minutes massage (feet and hands).

Offered in a yurt, indoor room or outdoor tent in summer.


Perfect for introducing your child to the benefits of massage therapy.


The technique used for kids is the Californian massage. Always provided by a female therapist. The relaxing experience takes place with the parent,  who must be present to ensure the child’s comfort. The parent can sit with the child during the massage. Better yet, opt for the duo massage with your child; offered in a double room separated by a curtain.

Available in 30 and 60 minutes.

Offered in an indoor room and in an outdoor tent in summer.

We are available to answer your questions at 1 888 944 4772.


Too much stress, too much sport … take a break from your teen routine!


Teens aged 12 to 15 years old can receive all massages offered at Spa Bolton! The relaxing experience takes place with the parent, who must be present to ensure the teen’s comfort. The parent can sit with the teen during the massage. Better yet, opt for the duo massage with your teenager; offered in a double room separated by a curtain.

Available in 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

Offered in an indoor room and in an outdoor tent in summer.

We are available to answer your questions at 1 888 944 4772.



This massage promotes a deep and optimal relaxation. It improves the lymphatic and blood circulation. It reduces edema due to pregnancy and reduces lumbar, sciatic and joint pain. Available after  12 weeks of pregnancy. The massage is given by a prenatal massage therapist. For a better comfort (or to suit the needs of the client) the massage takes place on the side or on the belly with an ergonomic cushioning equipment that melts with the body shape.

Available in 60 minutes only.

Offered in a yurt, indoor room or outdoor tent in summer.

massage shiatsu



A Japanese originated technique, inspired by Amma, which uses touch to restore the circulation of vital energy. Practiced without oil, by applying the appropriate pressure. The therapist uses the thumbs, fingers, but also the palms, the fists, the elbows, the knees and even the feet to ensure a deep massage acting on specific points (tsubos). Shiatsu massage is practiced on the floor on a mattress. Not offered on a massage table. Tips: For this massage, dress in flexible clothing.

Available in 60 and 90 minutes.

Offered indoors only, on a mattress.


Accompanied by music. Hawaiian ancestral technique.


This is an ancient technique that Hawaiians used for healing. The therapist performs the massage accompanied by music and adapts his routine according to the musical rhythm; like a dance. The technique is most often executed with the forearms; to cover larger parts of the body at the same time. Allowing you to feel equal pressure. Inspired by the fluidity and grace of the ocean’s movements, the constant and powerful energy of a wave. Tips: After the massage, drink plenty of water and take a shower.

Available in 60 minutes only.

Offered in a yurt.



Amma and Shiatsu are very similar. What sets Amma apart from other massages is that it does not requiert oil during the massage. The massaging contact is through a sheet or your own clothes and not directly on the skin; this being part of the legacy bequeathed by the tradition of Japanese massage. With the principle of acupuncture (without a needle), it stimulates the meridians. This massage is a global massage. It works both sides of the body. Both relaxing and energizing; in the eastern sense of the term where we speak of vital energy (internal) and not of external energy. Good to know: The Amma technique is best preactices during a 90 minute massage. At Spa Bolton, we offer this massage also in 60 minutes; as a simplified version.

Available in 60 and 90 minutes.

Offered in yurt, indoor room or outdoor tent in summer.




Traditional Massage Gift Certificate


Bolton Package (spa access & massage)




Specialty Massages

massage capilaire


Farewell, fatigue and headaches!


Deep relaxation emerges from massaging the head, this traditional technique has been practiced in India since millenia. In addition to reducing stress, muscle tension, fatigue, and headaches, hair massage is excellent for people with concentration problems, migraines, anxiety or emotional stress. The health and beauty benefits for your hair are also numerous; this massage activates the regrowth of the hair, regulates the secretions of the sebaceous glands, diminishes dandruff and restores the vitality of fine/soft hair. Several infused oils and essential oils are used for this massage. Here are just a few: peppermint, lavender, rosemary, chamomile and much more …

Available in 30, 60, 90 minutes.

Offered in a yurt, indoor room or outdoor tent in summer.

massage aux pierres chaudes


Made with polished basalt stones.


The hot stone massage is a full body massage; head to feet, on the back and on the belly. Warmed in hot water, these smooth volcanic rocks are known to retain heat for a very long time. This warm and gentle massage is based on an ancient Indian technique that used hot stones to improve energy harmony. The direct heat on skin promotes relaxation and allows the therapist to work on deeper muscle layers. Effective for soothing, it releases tension and improves blood circulation. Its sedative effect relieves chronic pain and reduces muscle spasms. On your request, it can be powerful as very relaxing.

Available in 90 minutes only.

Offered in an indoor rooms only.

massage balles de sel


You leave with the salt balls!


This Himalayan salt ball massage is a self-heating massage because it provides a constant warmth that penetrates deep into tense and sore muscles. The heat, combined with minerals, eliminates toxins and all nuisances to promote good blood circulation.

Available in 90 minutes only.*NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE*

Offered in an indoor rooms only.


Done with bamboos, warm towels, and quartz stones. This technique is a combo of a massage and a facial care.


Alliances of Japanese and ancestral techniques. The skin is cleansed, purified, massaged, hydrated to regain its elasticity. If practiced regularly, the complexion quickly recovers its radiance and wrinkles are visibly attenuated. Bamboo contains silica, a compound that promotes cell regeneration. By rolling it on the connective tissues, it stimulates the production of collagen. This massage brings you to experience multiple sensations; tactile, sonorous and energetic. The care begins with a face and neckline exfoliation to remove dead cells. Followed by pressure points face massage (Shiatsu) done with fingers and also with bamboos.

Available in 60 minutes (face, neckline, and shoulders) and 90 minutes (face, neckline, shoulders, and back).

Available in an indoor room only.


Aims to reduce inflammation.


Very gentle movements are done on the whole body; which creates a pumping effect. Although it is not a deep type of massage, it strongly stimulates the lymphatic circulation and strengthens the immune system. This technique aims to reduce swelling, edema following an injury, restore good circulation, and evacuate toxins. It is strongly recommended to reduce problems related to inflammation. This massage is perfect during seasonal changes. Advised to take 90 or 120 minutes to address the whole body. For a specific region, we recommend 60 or 90 minutes.

Available in 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

Available in a yurt, indoor room or outdoor tent in summer.

Warning! Do not exercise or do physical sports after this massage. Drink a lot of water.

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Bolton Package (spa access & specialty massage)



Other cares





This therapy uses a specialized apparatus. The instrument generates a peristaltic massage, thanks to layered compartments inside the boots. Pressotherapy is ideal for those who suffer from heavy legs syndrome, circulatory problems or edema.

The main function of pressotherapy is to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in the following conditions:

  • Stimulates veinous return and lymphatic circulation;
  • Cellulite and/or obesity;
  • Recovery of cutaneous elasticity;
  • Prevention of varicose veins;
  • Care before childbirth (from 3 months on) and after childbirth.

Offered in 30 minutes.